My artistic interpretation of Sherlolly’s sweet lip intercourse in which I ensure Sherlock’s jawline does the thing ;)

Inspired by this hilarious post.

Ok wow :)! Some of you expressed interest in buying prints so I uploaded this to my Society6 account and you can buy the print here. You can get cellphone/laptop covers, mugs, shirts, bags and pillows too hehehe. Oh thank you so very much :’D



This scene was so bittersweet.

I couldn’t decide on whether I liked it cropped or full body more…so here have both!

I might do more Sherlock fanart cuz I’m still suffering from the wave like the rest tumblr…so I’m sorry in advance…

I mainly wanted to do a different style from my usual fare! It was fun.

I guess this means I ship a bit of Sherlolly. But you know after the Empty Hearse, I am fine with shipping all the ships.



Bikini Bottom just got real..